Tuesday, February 19, 2008

life continues

I admit I have been stubborn this last month about my blog. The days of my life continue, yet I refuse to write about them because my post-blogging of China is incomplete. However, I am beginning to realize the futility of postponing the rest of my entries until my China posts are complete. Since this blog functions as a kind of record for me, it is inaccurate if I keep ignoring notable events just because past events take longer to document. Also, I have discovered the genius of blogger's "post options" which allows me to change the dates of my posts--essentially lie about when I wrote them. This means I can continue to write about China slowly, post date them so all my China posts are together--while writing about my daily hum-drum life. Ahh...brilliant.


adrienne said...

I am a big fan of that date-change trick.

Dj UoH said...

Don't worry about it. That's the great thing about blogging...it's about your world and I hope that people understand that there is a life behind something that doesn't pay the bills. Hope you are well and will have to catch up the next time I am up north.

Keep up the great work!