Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So, the deadline for the art of my new novel has been pushed up to…as soon as possible. I’m still determined to do my best quality work; however I know how this song goes. As my illustration activity level escalates to full capacity, my physical activity level diminishes to nonexistence; and #3 of the ten things I’ve learned becomes an unwelcome reality. It is inevitable—the shorter the deadline, the more unhealthier (and chubbier) I become.

And even though I foresee my fatty future, I seem unable to change it. Because not only do I spend my waking hours sedentarily sitting, my eating habits become appalling. My creative brain cells demand candy and pizza, calling labor strikes if I resist. The truth is I am completely unable to create well for extended periods of time unless fueled by unhealthy, high fat food. My focus seems to be sugar driven-- if I remember correctly I was on about three bags of candied ginger a day while writing WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON. I shudder to think what is upcoming...

If anyone has any helpful tips (other than hitting the gym like a maniac when my deadline is over) I'd be thrilled to hear them!

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Phyllis Harris said...

First, let me just say, I can completely relate!

But, when I have an insane deadline and have to huncker(sp?) down, I find that if I stock up on easy food, like Lean Cuisine t.v. dinners, it's just easier to pop them into a microwave and not leave the house. And the calorie count on those dinners are usually pretty small because the portions are small. I have actually lost a few pounds doing this on insane deadlines...BUT I also find that I HAVE to have something sweet, like chocolate after I eat. The hardest part is being disciplined to stop eating the chocolate, once I start.