Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am beginning to suspect I might be a really boring person. I can eat the same thing, do the same exercise routine, listen to the same music over and over again and not get sick of it. As I get down to the last two painting of WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON (and I am really feeling the burn!), I realize I have listened to the same two Feist albums for a month straight. The neighbors must be so annoyed.

But that is why when Alvina showed me this I was extremely happy. Or maybe my days of isolated nonstop painting are causing me to develop euphoric lunacy...


Lissy said...

Don't let it worry you. It runs in the family!

Your brother-in-law,

Lissy said...

You think you're boring - I don't even know who this singer is! She's not singing anything "High School Musical" related.


Austin Huang said...

Did you see my facebook link to Ernie and Bert go brutal??


Okay maybe that's not quite the same thing. But you might like this:


Winifred Weng said...

My 8 yr. old daughter and I thoroughly enjoy your books! I'm a Caucasian woman married to a Chinese man; my daughter and I can identify with so much in your books.
I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's passing. My first children were twins that were born too early and died; I was just 33 when that happened. My heart goes out to you.
We live in MA and would love to meet you some day, if possible.
Again, thank you for your wonderful writing! We hope you continue for a very long time.