Wednesday, April 30, 2008


As my publishing schedule has significantly lightened, I have started to feel a bit of panic. Some of the "lightening" was by choice, which may have been an unwise decision, now considering my recent dearth of potential picturebook projects. For while ideas have been plentiful, stories have not and I begin to wonder if I have just lost my touch.

Then I realize that these are the feelings that I have had for every book that I have done, for the last ten years. Yep, ten. I know this because Charlesbridge, the publisher of my first book "The Ugly Vegetables" has just agreed to put out a 10 year Anniversary edition of the book! The book is going to be redesigned with a new cover, some new spots and backgrounds. Very exciting!

For the new cover, I want to do a throwback to the promotional piece that caught my editor's eye and inspired the whole book:

I'm also hoping they will inspire me for a new picturebook project as well!

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