Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I admit I am a horrible procrastinator. Along with income taxes, school visits, family discord and life nuisances (like laundry), I have a very extensive novel revision that needs to be done before the end of the month...yet I find myself online shopping.

Most recently, I have become enamoured with these vintage Chinese Dictionary necklaces, but I am forcing myself not to buy until I have finished my revision. I'm trying the bribery/reward system to getting my work done. Unfortunately, since it is self-induced it doesn't really work as well as it should. I find that I almost convince myself on a regular basis that if I buy a necklace that features a helpful characteristic it will inspire me. But, deep down, I know that isn't true-- unless, of course, there is one that encloses the word "late."

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alvina said...

Thanks to this post, I went onto Etsy and spent almost $100 on various pieces of jewelry. *sigh* Internet shopping is dangerous.