Friday, November 9, 2007

The House that Grace Built

So I have hired myself out as a woman-of-all-work to my friends Luke and Ranida, payment being dinners and dog kisses. As I mentioned earlier, they are about to have a baby (officially in about 3 days) and unfortunately their house is not ready for the upcoming onslaught of relatives and friends. Luke has been frantically trying make things habitable, so I've been helping out. I don't think Luke's first choice for an assistant would be a 5'1" girl who has never used power tools before, but he's so desperate I got the job.

I, myself, am quite pleased with my new temporary employment. Not only do I get to work out some aggression and learn some new skills, I get to feel really manly. This is me using the power saw:
What I should be thinking is, "Hmm, one false move and my illustration career is over." However, I am really thinking, "Wow, this thing is loud."

This is me hammering, which I have done before. However, I was told that I hammer like a girl and was taught the "real" way of doing it.

However, even with such high-testosterone tutelage, it still takes me about 140 blows to get a nail in. So, regrettably, I still hammer like a girl.

But maybe that's not so bad. After a weekend of muscle-building home improvements, I'm about ready to go home and make some cupcakes. But I'll beat the eggs like a man.


alvina said...

You go, girl! And yay, cupcakes!

jama said...

Is that a real toolbelt you're wearing? And I would never touch a power saw! (I have new respect for you.) Make some manly cupcakes (decorate with moustaches).

Elaine Magliaro said...


You are indeed a woman of many talents. You'll have to decorate your next batch of cupcakes with hammers and saws--no more pretty girlish designs for you!

Anna Alter said...

I am SO impressed.

gail said...

It will be so rewarding when you're done. I hammer like a girl too. The answer to that is a compressor and nail gun!


Linda S. Wingerter said...

That's hot.

Look at all the new skills you're gaining. Hey, wanna come build sets?

gloria estefan said...

That's pretty funny. When I try to hammer in two hits I usually hit one of my fingers or my whole hand.