Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the many days of mural

My good friends Luke and Ranida are about to have a baby. So as a baby gift, I offered to paint a mural for their nursery. Of course, I have never painted a mural before but I thought, "Hey, I'm a professional illustrator, right? How hard can it be?" With my confidence in overabundance, I assured them that I could get the wall done in a few days, maybe a week.

So I drew up some sketches and got the okay for this one:

And calmly began painting in the background.

Then the snags began. My oh-so-smart idea of projecting the image onto the wall failed miserably. The room was too shallow for the image to project accurately and I spent the day wrestling with it.

Finally, I just gave up and drew everything freehand. Which was quite time-consuming.

And of course my pencil marks were so messy, I had to outline in paint just to see what I had drawn.

It was quite a relief to actually start painting color. But to get to this stage took about twice the amount of time anticipated.

And at this point, I just hope I get the mural done before the baby gets here!

to be continued...


Stephanie Roth said...

Oh my gosh- that's so much work! I've done murals for my niece and nephews and I started with the idea of, "oh, this will be fun." It turned into a sore shoulder and it took twice as long as I thought. In the end they turned out well. I used some potato stamps to save some time of leaves and stuff...your mural is gorgeous! Who is the lucky recipient of an original Grace Lin painting??

Ginger*:)* said...

What a wonderful gift! Your characters will bring such delight to this lucky child. You are an AMAZING GRACE!!!

Jen said...

And I think it's a big deal to paint my walls solid colors. Hmm.

What a gift! We'll get to see the whole thing when it's finished, right?

Tricia said...

Grace, this is absolutely lovely. What an amazing gift for your friends.

Lady Strathconn said...

How amazing! I wish I was your friend. I am looking forward to painting a room ocean blue and putting up Finding Nemo stickers.

Phyllis Harris said...

Your friends are extremely blessed to have you for their friend! What a labor of love!

Irene said...

Luke and Ranida and baby are so fortunate to be the recipients of such a generous and beautiful gift!! Truly an amazing mural. What do the Chinese characters mean?