Sunday, May 11, 2008


During my recent trip to visit my sister and her kids, my niece gravely informed that she when she grew up she was going to be artist like me(as well as a princess and soccer player). "Really?" I said, "Then let's draw a picture. Draw me your favorite thing that we did together!"

I thought that was a pretty good, open-ended subject-- I particularly wanted to see what the four year old mind remembered and treasured. And there was plenty to choose from, we did SO much. We did our nails,

visited the U of Chicago campus,
went to the aquarium,
and music class:
Like I said, plenty to choose from, right? Well, she drew me this:

Ah, darpl! Of course!(When I asked her what darpl was she laughed and ran away).


MKT said...

Hilarious! Have you checked under your skin for microprocessor implants? Maybe she's remembering you getting abducted by aliens..which was no doubt more fun for her than for you...

Jen said...

Silly rabbit, it's an acronym.


I think that's a pretty good summary of her favorite activities with you.

karenkysu said...

This is the first time I've come to this blog and just saw that you were here in Chicago! My kids and I love your books and work. Have you been to the Ping Tom playground in Chinatown? Whenever we are there, it makes me feel like we are in a Grace Lin picture (the expansive ones with lots of scenes going on).

Loved this story and love your niece's picture!

Tarie said...

Happy, happy birthday, Grace!!!

Your niece's alien-like creature looks very promising. :o)

ChatRabbit said...

How cute is that?
Next time, ask her if she'd like to DARPL again!