Friday, May 9, 2008

i'm a dope

So, I've been traveling, writing, and having many a technology crisis...but that doesn't excuse the fact that I've let my mail pile up unopened. It's only today, after being stricken with germs from my sister's kids, that I have finally began to peruse the pile.

And there are fan letters in there, quite a few and almost all from kids. One line breaks my heart, "I'm related to Dun-Wei," one boy writes, "because I moved to this country and nobody wanted to talk to me."

Dear friends, I'm sorry. I truly apologize if you never heard from me, I never respond to your comment or you only receive a response a year after you sent me something. Despite my thoughtless actions, I treasure each one of you. So many of you have told me what my work meant something to you; and when times were hard your words helped me believe and gave me strength. Thank you. You are wonderful! And I am a disorganized mess.


Linda said...

You are no "dopier" than the rest of us.....I admire you - what you have gone thru in your life - both good and bad, your books, your art work.
You are a talented person - and sometimes our talents and creativity get in our way. We have to keep plugging along....
and life keeps on going and we keep growing.

Grace T said...

My nieces and I loved your event in Chinatown. It was their first literary event ever. They love their books and the way you signed their books with a drawing.

No need to reply to my comment at all. We appreciate you and just wanted to let you know that.

Cloudscome said...

How sweet to get letter like that. I just finished reading The Year of the Rat and reviewed it at a wrung sponge today. Great book!

No one keeps up with email. Just be proud you write such meaningful, wonderful books.