Friday, May 16, 2008


After a presentation at a recent school visit, I was rather surprised to see a group of third graders in the library reading my blog. I was pleased that I had made such an impression that they wanted to learn more about me; but I suddenly realized that maybe my personal blog is...too personal.

So, I have begun to shift things around regarding my blog(s). I'm trying to separate things more--I've made a gracenotes blog which I will attempt to make my "official" blog. It'll have almost all the same posts as I have here minus the more inner thoughts. I don't really want to close this blog down or make it invitation only just yet-- but if those of you who have me on a blogroll could change the link to gracenotes blog, I'd appreciate it. It's kind of strange to say, but I don't want any new readers on this blog. I feel like those of you who already read this are friends, tried and true. And while I always welcome a new friend, I feel like the gracenotes blog might be a better way to make an acquaintance. Especially if they are third graders.


DaisyBug said...

Consider it done, Grace... :)

Jen said...

I love the name "outergrace" over at gracenotes. Maybe I'm reading more into it than you intended, but I think it's very clever.

I tried to add gracenotes to Google Reader and was told there is no feed. Do you plan to turn that on or are you intentionally not turning it on?

It's an interesting dilemma: the details an author might want to share with her young readers and the details she might share with other writers and friends. They aren't the same, but how do you really keep them separate on the Web?

Camille said...

What a beautiful name for a blog, gracenotes. I will change my blogroll.

Lady Strathconn said...

I've added it too. Not that you have any idea who I am. I do enjoy reading your blog.