Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beijing Boyfriends

As I am reentering the dating scene, I find myself quite fascinated with the mating rituals in China. According to the stereotype, Shanghai women are very domineering while the men are domestic--they do the cooking and cleaning. Beijing boyfriends, however, are not so easily categorized. From what I gather, there are three things that signify a Beijing man is your boyfriend.

1. You pout at him. A lot. Whining is good too.

2. If he doesn't do what you want, you can hit him. With two hands if needed.

3. He carries your purse, at all times and in public.

Not bad, I can deal with those benefits. But I think I might lean more towards those Shanghai men...

1 comment:

Cloudscome said...

LOL this is really funny. Pity those poor Beijing men. I'd go for Shanghai guys too, except I don't think I could keep up with the women in competition.