Friday, January 4, 2008


Many things have happened since I've last posted, but as I race to finish my novel before leaving for China they will have to go undocumented. Except for my last accomplishment of 2007...

Ever since Robert's death, my condo has been in different stages of construction. One of the more irritating has been the closet renovation which dragged on and on, taking so long that I had to leave all my possessions on view during my social gatherings:
See how I hung those pictures opposite the open closet? That was to distract guests from looking at my disorganization.

Anyway, right before the New Year, as a Christmas present to me, my contractor Slovo (nicknamed Slow-moe) finished.

Ah, bliss. Now my inner Martha can relax. Well, at least until the bathroom renovation begins.


gail said...

Don't you just love closet doors! Looks great! Nice Christmas present.


Dj UoH said...

Hey Grace,

The closets look great. I remember seeing the place when you guys had bought it. Nice to see that the place has really come together.

Good luck with the bathroom renovations!

Kathy Weller said...

WOW. Looks so GRACEful!!! BEAUTIFUL job. That book shelf is very unique. I love it. (Heck, I love it all.)