Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So we had to have a quick dinner because we were running off to see a Kufu show. Nicole had asked us if we had wanted see one and we said yes, thinking it was going to be some sort of martial arts competition/show--like a scene from Hero or Crouching Tiger but without the scenery and costumes.
So we were a little suprised when we arrived at a theatre, complete with programs and cds for sale.
For the Kufu show, was definitely a show, much more theatre than martial arts--with elaborate, sets, costumes and lighting. The performance was a mix of:
karate tricks (here a man laying on a bed of nails on top of another man laying on a bed of blades is about to slab of stone broken in half on his chest),
and ballet
combined with very theatrical martial arts moves.
Once the shock of it wore off (the actors voices were also dubbed in English suprisingly, so that added to our recovery time); we were able to appreciate and enjoy the show. This was truly a Chinese Cirque du Soleil, much more so than the weak comparison I had made previously with the Shanghai acrobats.

But my favorite comment of the evening? When one of the girls (who shall remain nameless) said, "I've never seen so many buff Asian men in one room before. That was enjoyable."

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Ann Downer said...

Grace, I wanted to let you know that Burdick Chocolates in Harvard Square has special mouse chocolates for Year of the Rat, and chocolates with special flavors for the New Year....I thought of you.

I LOVE your China pix...I am soooooo jealous about the Chinese tea house visit.

Ben's afterschool group is studying China and I know they'd love a visit. I gave them a copy of THE UGLY VEGETABLES and told them you lived in Somerville!