Monday, January 28, 2008


After our day in the Hou Hai area, we had dessert in the extremely hip and cool Bellagio restaurant. Did I mention how extremely hip and cool it is? Well, it is so hip and cool that all the waitresses have the same haircut.

I am not sure how they pulled that off. I wonder if when the women are hired if they are told that they must get their hair cut and are given a photo to copy. Or if there is a restaurant barber whom the waitresses line up for like sheep to be shorn. Or if the managers specifically recruit women with this haircut, constantly scouting the streets for this short spikey 'do.

But I am sure that one of the enticements that the restaurant uses must be the desserts. Eye-catching and mouthwatering, it seems the most popular dishes are the shaved ices covered with fruit and syrup. So even though they look quite large, we comforted ourselves by claiming the dessert was mostly water; and not as fattening as if it were a giant sundae.

Okay, so the logic behind that may not be well-founded, but after taking a few spoonfuls of the dessert I was willing to go with it. Heck, after a few spoonfuls, I was willing to get my haircut, too.

6 Gongren Tiyuchang Xi Lu
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JonO said...

Between this post and Alvina's animoto featuring 5000 other treats, my belly is EXTREMELY jealous of yr trip.

Also the rest of me, but particularly my belly!