Thursday, January 31, 2008

foot massage

All of us had "must-see/ must-do" lists that we made before going to China. Mine included the Chaundixia village, and the Marco Polo Bridge. Alvina's list,of course, was topped with the Great Wall and Ki-Ki wanted to see the art district. Jen's list, however, was starred with a foot massage.

So a day where we all had lost feeling in our feet seemed like a good day to accomplish this. Our tour guide directed our bus driver to a place she knew and within moments our feet were soaking in warm tea water. Ahh!

We had to tell the masseuses that we wanted "gentle" massages--Chinese usually get foot massages as part of a reflexology health regiment, and they can be quite painful. But since we were there for relaxation, we had the gentle ones.

Which weren't really that gentle. The masseueses hit and rubbed our feet in rhythmn and in unison, like a musical chorus, with a fairly good amount of strength. But for feet that had lost a great deal of sensation, it was rather invigorating. And luxurious.

And very Jen-satisfying.

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